Children's Church

These resources provide tools for children’s churches. Some materials are available in multiple languages.

These free materials are for use only outside of the USA due to copyright laws. After you have registered for access, use this interactive PDF order form to order materials.

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Bible & Literature

These modules are low-resource curriculum with simple 3-page lessons designed for teachers with little or no training. They are available in French and include the lessons, illustrations, and a teacher's manual.

Jesus Loves Me (Level 1; Ages 4–7)
Jesus Saves Me (Level 2; Ages 8–11)
Jesus Guides Me (Level 3; Ages 12–15)
Teacher's Manual

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This is a low- or no-resource curriculum for developing nations designed to help teachers present Bible lessons in a creative way using materials they have on hand. Developed for a flexible class size, it can be used in Sunday school or children’s church. When finished, the curriculum will have a five-year scope and sequence to cover the Old and New Testaments. P4L was developed for teachers who might not have a lot of experience using curriculum, so the layout and lesson plans are simply laid out and easy to use. Available in English and Portuguese.

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Safari Club

This is a one-year program written by Africans for Africa, packed with creative ideas for presenting each Bible-based lesson and includes a section of teachers’ helps. It is available in French.