These resources provide tools for discipleship ministry. Some materials are available in multiple languages.

These free materials are for use only outside of the USA due to copyright laws. After you have registered for access, use this interactive PDF order form to order materials.

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Castle Club

Castle Club has impacted thousands of children. In a conference workshop, pastors and children’s ministers from four countries were asked, “What elements would be necessary in a club for newly converted children?” When everyone shared ideas it became evident that they were all similar. Consequently, the vision for a seven-level discipleship program to prepare newly converted children to be part of the church was born. It is available in English and Spanish.

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Highlights In The Life of Christ

These six lessons from Global University introduce people to specific highlights taken from the gospels revolving around Christ's life and ministry. Visuals are available in both black and white as well as color. It is available in Spanish. The lessons are also available for download in multiple languages at GlobalReach.org .

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Holy Spirit Conference 2017

These four days of video by Latin America leadership provides excellent training in ministering to children to receive the Holy Spirit and teaching them how to minister in the gifts of the Spirit. The videos will inspire, train, and prepare Christian Education leadership. Recorded at King's Castle in El Salvador with the theme "Preparing for a Generation of Fire." These are available in Spanish.

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Kids In Service—The Timothy Club

This series, also called The Timothy Club, is a complete discipleship program. It began out of a desire to train kids in ministry as Paul trained Timothy. Children need to learn that they can effectively minister to others. The Timothy Club is designed to mentor kids in ministry and develop their leadership skills. The purpose is two-fold: To create in them a sense of purpose, and to perpetuate the faith. It is available in English.

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Power Filled!

This manual shares the basis of our Pentecostal heritage with our children. Every Christian needs the power of the Holy Spirit functioning in their lives. This manual is an introduction to life in the Spirit, but not a comprehensive course on the Holy Spirit. The material focuses on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This manual can be the starting point to allow the Holy Spirit to become a central theme in your ministry and in the lives of your children. Each chapter looks briefly at one aspect of the baptism in the Holy Spirit as a series of questions and answers. It is available in English, French, and Spanish.

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Treasure Guardians

This is a unique Bible study program for children. The Word of God is like a treasure chest full of precious stones. The one who reads, memorizes, and follows its plan for eternal life will find a treasure of incalculable worth. It is our responsibility to search for them in the pages of His Word. This is the challenge that faces the children and youth who join Treasure Guardians. If a child is adequately motivated, they will enjoy time spent reading and studying God’s Word. Many children feel left out because they fail to compare to those who learn quicker. This is a flexible program that permits individual participation and gives the opportunity for everyone to be a winner. It is available in English and Spanish.

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Your Friend & Helper, The Holy Spirit

These seven lessons from Global University introduce people to their best friend and helper, the Holy Spirit. Visuals are available in both black and white as well as color. It is available in Spanish.