These resources provide tools for evangelism. Some materials are available in multiple languages.

These free materials are for use only outside of the USA due to copyright laws. After you have registered for access, use this interactive PDF order form to order materials.

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God Loves You

Using the booklet, God Loves You, these 14 lessons are designed to evangelize children and their parents. While geared for evangelism, it can also help teach English to Hispanics. The books may be purchased from Global University. This pack of 14 lessons is available in Spanish.

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Kids Quest

This curriculum was developed to help you in your task of reaching and discipling children. The authors' hope is that it will guide you as you prepare spiritual lessons for your children. It consists of six units and is available in English and Lithuanian.

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This six lesson, low resource, outreach program for elementary age children teaches how to do comedy characters, object lessons, games, drama, etc. to teach the basic tenets of faith. It demonstrates how to build your own props and costumes from easy to find materials. It includes music files and PowerPoints, and is available in English.

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The Puzzle

The Puzzle is a 55-minute children's musical/drama that presents the Gospel in a simple, child-friendly manner through 11 colorful characters who explain how Jesus can be your friend. The Puzzle is translated into 12 languages and used in 10 European countries. has been instrumental in starting several churches in France and Spain. It includes music files, training video (English and Dutch), printed materials, and is available in Albanian, Arabic, Cantonese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Macedonian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Roman, Russian, Serbian, and Spanish.